11 Vet Clinics For Your Fur Babies & Their Prices In Singapore

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11 Vet Clinics For Your Fur Babies & Their Prices In Singapore

February 22, 2022

If your precious little furry baby isn’t playful as usual or acting oddly, maybe they are sick. For situations like this, you should always keep the details of your closest vet right in front of you.

But which veterinary clinic will be better for your beloved pets? Are there vets that are better for cats or birds? Well, don’t worry; we gathered all the details about the top 9 vet clinics for your fur babies and their prices in Singapore.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will always be prepared when your pets aren’t feeling well. Even in emergencies. So, let’s dive into that part right away!


Top 9 Vet Clinics for Your Fur Babies and Their Prices in Singapore


Vet Clinics in SingaporeBasic Consultation Fees
Amber Vet$45 (off-peak), $65 (peak-hours)
Mount Pleasant Vet$40.65 (off-peak), $48.20 (Peak-hour)
Passion Vet$32 (for up to 30 minutes)
My Family Vet$25
Oasis Vet Clinic$40
Island Veterinary Clinic$35
Monster Pet Vet$36
Brighton Vet Care$42
Frankel Vet Centre$35
Woodgrove Vet$35
PetsAvenue Veterinary Clinic$35


We’ve listed the basic consultation fee of the best vets in Singapore. However, the rates may increase depending on various occasions, so calling the helpline or visiting their websites for the most updated information would be better.

Now, let us tell you about these vets in detail so you can make the most favorable decision for your pets. These 9 clinics will provide top-notch service and work for your baby’s betterment with exceptional dedication; there’s no doubt about that!

Let’s get to know about them, shall we?


  1. Amber Vet

Amber vet is popular among pet owners for providing a wide range of medical services. From dental to ultrasound, you will get everything in this clinic.

In this place, five in-house veterinarians will always be there to treat your pets. You will get authorized professionals for surgeries, dental checkups, and regular treatments, and so on!

The most incredible fact about this clinic is that it is one of those few medical facilities in Singapore that gives chemotherapy to animals. And this place is full of high-end equipment so that you can ensure the best treatments for your furballs.

As this clinic offers after-hours emergency service for your pets, you can keep its number on your speed dial. In that way, you can make an effective decision if anything bad happens.

When it comes to consultation fees, you will have to pay $45 for off-peak hours and $65 for peak hours. And every other treatment has different costs, just like any other vet clinic. However, some say the prices are pretty higher here; we believe it is pretty low compared to the service you’re getting.


  1. Mount Pleasant Vet

Mount Pleasant Vet is one of the most reputed and oldest vet clinics in Singapore. Therefore, you will never have any awkward experience with this facility; there is no doubt about that.

The veterinary experts of this clinic are one of the best medical teams in the country. You will get top-level oncologists, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists, and advanced imaging options. What else do you need?

With high-quality equipment and brilliant doctors, you can make sure your pets are in good hands! Furthermore, their emergency unit is open 24/7, which is a relief!

The consultation fee of Mount Pleasant Vet is $40.65 ay off-peak hour. And if you are visiting with your pets during peak hours, you will have to pay around $48.20.


  1. Passion Vet

Passion Vet is one of the most well-reputed surgery facilities in Singapore. Their team of experts can perform any minor to complicated surgeries with perfection!

As they offer an extensive range of treatments, you will get every kind of medical consultation from them. The general consultancy fee starts from $32, which is pretty reasonable compared to other places. However, the charge will be increased if it takes more than 30 minutes to check up on your pets.

If your fur babies need any emergency surgeries, Passion Vet will be an ideal choice. This facility operates seven days a week, so you don’t have to go through any complicated schedule.

On top of everything, if you are into traditional Chinese medicine, this vet clinic will support your choice and will provide medication according to that. And that’s something really impressive, to be honest.


  1. My Family Vet

Suppose you are looking for the most affordable medical facility for your pet. In that case, you should consider going to the My Family Vet for an optimal experience!

This place offers you an extended range of treatments for your little buddies. And the primary consultation starts from $25 only; hence, anyone can afford their services without any issues.


  1. Oasis Vet Clinic

Before we tell you about this vet clinic, you need to know that it is located in Thompson Area. So, if you live there, you can go to this place for the best treatment of your furry friends.

One of the most popular services offered by this clinic is the vaccination package for cats and dogs. You will only have to pay around $48 to get your pets vaccinated. And you don’t have to pay any extra consultation fee at all.

However, this medical facility will provide a wide range of treatments for your pets. And the price range is pretty reasonable, to be honest. The regular consultation fees will be 40 dollars per visit. If you compare this to any other high-end clinic, it will seem more affordable; that’s no secret.


  1. Island Veterinary Clinic

The Island Veterinary clinic was established in 2011 and has become a household name since then. Thanks to its locations, it is easy to access in Singapore, which is why people love this facility so much!

This clinic has two branches; one in Jurong and the other one in Bedok. Hence, anyone from the East or West side can go to this place without any trouble.

If you go there at peak hour, the regular consultation will cost you $35. However, when the clinic is about to get closed for the day, you will need to pay around $86! Well, you can also have after-hours consultation, but the fees will be $150-$200.

Though this facility offers plenty of veterinary services for your pets, it is mainly known for its dental department. And they provide the most reasonably-priced packages for scaling and tooth extraction. Therefore, you can keep this clinic on your list for the dental care of your fur babies.


  1. Monster Pet Vet

Monster Pet Vet is another clinic that provides affordable treatments for your precious little friends. This place is situated near CBD, so you can go there if you live near that area.

The most amazing fact about this clinic is that it will take care of any legal pet, just not the cats and dogs! So, if you have a reptile in your home and don’t know where to take it for treatments, the Monster Pet Vet will be your savior!

This clinic charges you $36 for basic consultation, which isn’t expensive at all. It is an excellent place for exotic pet owners, which is good news for many people!


  1. Brighton Vet Care

Brighton Vet Care is one of the most famous and expensive clinics for pets in Singapore. It has two branches; one is in Serangoon Gardens, and the other is at Bukit Timah. As these two facilities are situated in fancy areas, the high-price range is justified!

This clinic’s regular consultation fee for your pets starts from $42. However, taking your furry friends for dental scaling will cost you around $540. Well, they offer after-hour services too. So, for emergency checkups, you can keep their details near you.


  1. Frankel Vet Centre

Frankel Vet Centre is one of the cheapest medical facilities for your furry friends in Singapore! Yes, the consultation fee starts from $35, and you are guaranteed to get the most satisfactory services.

The branches of this clinic are located in Siglap and near East Coast. Despite being situated in fancy areas, the treatment packages are pretty reasonable. If you go there for dental scaling, it will cost you around $294, including blood tests! Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but it actually is!


  1. Woodgrove Vet

Woodgrove Vet is situated in Woodlands and is known for their wonderful service. They treat your pet with love and care. Also, they are highly reviewed by many cat owners.

Consultation starts from $35, and the other services are generally affordable. Their vet, Dr. Enoka, is a senior veterinary surgeon with many years of experience. The team at Woodgrove truly cares for your pet. However, do remember to make an appointment online to avoid long waiting hours.


  1. PetsAvenue Veterinary Clinic

At the point of writing, PetsAvenue has three outlets across Singapore. They are located at Upper Thomson, Beauty World and Farrer Road. The staff at PetsAvenue are experience and friendly. They are also patient with their explanations, making this place great for first time pet owners.

They have advanced medicial eqipment where you’ll be able to do x-rays and ultrasounds for your furbaby. PetsAvenue also offers online appointment booking, saving you time and effort.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do house calls for pets cost in Singapore?

The cost of house calls depends on the clinic or doctor you are consulting. Usually, a house call for pets will cost you around $200-$400 on top of the usual consultation fees.

  1. What factors will affect the cost of vet consultation?

Well, many factors can either increase or decrease the amount of vet consultation fees. Here are some factors that can affect the price range the most.

  • Emergency visits such as after-hours consultations or any urgent treatments will increase the cost of the services
  • If the procedure requires more diagnosis than usual
  • The day and time of your visit also play a vital role in determining the consultation fee

Moreover, if you don’t live near the medical facility, you will have to pay more for transportation.

  1. What benefits will I get if I visit any vet clinic in Singapore?

One of the most excellent benefits of visiting vets in Singapore is that they offer a wide range of medical treatments. And some of them are pretty reasonable, which is why people love to visit these facilities.

Furthermore, there are many vet clinics in Singapore; hence, finding one near your residential area is super easy. Therefore, if you have any pets, you don’t have to worry about their well-being as there will always be a facility near you.

  1. How often do I need to bring my pet to the vet?

In general, you should bring your pet to the vet once a year. Most often than not, it is for them to conduct a general health checkup and administer vaccination if needed.
It would help if you regularly took your furballs to the vet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And the visits should be more frequent when they get older. You can ask the doctor for a suitable medical routine for your pets according to your budget and health condition. In this way, you can keep them healthy and happy all the time!


The Bottom Line

Finally, we are done telling you about the best 11 vet clinics for your fur babies and their prices in Singapore. Now you can ensure your pets will have a healthy lifestyle and live longer to keep you happy all the time.

Some say owning a pet in Singapore is quite costly, but that’s not the real thing. You will find both affordable and high-end facilities. As a result, you can choose one according to your budget without any trouble.

For pet owners who are facing financial emergencies, we understand you. When your pet falls sick (touch wood), there’s nothing that you wouldn’t do to save them. To apply for a fast cash loan to fund your pet’s medical bills, click here.