How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Kitchen In Singapore

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How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Kitchen In Singapore

February 7, 2022

Your kitchen renovation cost is expensive in Singapore. However, if you invest your money correctly and don’t skimp on essentials, your kitchen can look beautiful for the next ten to twenty years.

The keyword here is no skimping.

So, let’s see what factors influence that renovation budget, how much the costs will rise, and how you can play this smart.

Keep reading below.

Factors that Affect Kitchen Renovation Cost

Step into your kitchen and look around you. Ask yourself these questions:

– Is there anything wrong with the tiles, such as chips or hollowing?
– Do my cabinet hinges begin to rust or become too loose?
– Is the grout good enough?
– Is the countertop still usable, or is it cracked and damaged?
– Do the pipes work correctly, or do they cause me frequent leaks?

These questions are essential because they point to structural and aesthetic problems you want to care for. At this point, you can decide if you can repair and salvage some stuff or if you have to break everything to start over.

That means you have to decide between a partial vs total makeover.

So, how do you decide? Our advice is to start by considering your needs and budget. With that in mind, here are the main issues to help you gauge your kitchen renovation cost:


It’s evident that if you want to remodel a larger space, you’ll have to spend more money for additional:

– Changes
– Materials
– Labour hours

The type of space that needs renovation is also essential. For example, 2 inches of wiring are more expensive than 2 inches of hacking.

Home Type

Your kitchen renovation cost also depends on the type of home you have. As such, HDB flats’ kitchens may be cheaper to remodel than landed properties. That’s why it’s essential to discuss things with a contractor and get a rough estimate before starting.


Quality materials are more costly, while rare/unique items are downright worth a king’s ransom. So, be prepared with a list of materials you can and can’t compromise on.

For example, you might not be willing to sacrifice your wooden shelves, but you can compromise on backsplash material.


Some stores/sellers are more expensive than others. For example, bulk offers from some retailers can be more affordable, whereas buying the same things separately can cost more.

Pro tip: Use your negotiation skills if you find materials you love but outside your budget.

Also, don’t stick to the first retailer you see on Google. Shop around, do your research, and read reviews before giving someone your hard-earned money.


Companies offer different kitchen remodels.

For example, an interior designer burdens your total renovation cost the most. Contractors are the least expensive – even though it’s evident that more experienced ones will also ask for higher labour prices.

Pro tip: Choose a trustworthy company with good reviews in your budget range. Your contractor must do quality, durable work that you won’t have to change every year or so.

Your DIY Skills

If you have moderate DIY skills, you can do some repairs yourself. For example, changing the countertops or painting the walls isn’t rocket science.

But, if you don’t have the time or the skills, don’t try to do these things yourself. It will only increase the final renovation cost if someone repairs them. Plus, imagine the frustration of all that hard work gone to nothing.

Things You’ll Change/Repair/Install

Countertops: You’ll pay more for extra material, especially if it’s quality. For example, wooden countertops cost more than plastic ones.
Kitchen floors: Consider the square footage, the materials, and labour hours. Vinyl and laminate floors are the cheapest of the bunch and also the easiest to install. Conversely, marble floors cost ten times as much as these, but they’re more durable. Cement screed flooring is a mid-range, affordable, and low-maintenance option.
Kitchen cabinets: You might want to install kitchen cabinets too. Stock shelves are the cheapest because they’re ready-made, while custom cabinets will cost more money. Materials are essential, too; laminated kitchen cabinets are the most affordable option, whereas aluminum cabinets are more expensive. Also, consider the total area you’re going to work on.

Kitchen Renovation Cost Estimate

Now that you understand the factors that affect your renovation costs let’s see what an estimate looks like.

ActivityWork extent
LightModerate Extensive
HackingRemoving a fixture without hacking the walls

$100 – $1600

Dismantling several fixtures and partial hacking

$1600 – $3700

Removing all fixtures + complete hacking of all walls

$3700 – $11400

MasonryRenovation of a water fixture

$100 – $200

Regular construction of appliance and/or cabinets; post‑hacking touch‑up and tiling included

$200 – $500

Complete assembling of appliances and/or cabinetry; includes post‑hacking touch-up and tiling

$500 – $1400

CarpentryBasic renovation of cabinets, worktops, and other kitchen fixtures

$200 – $4400

Renovation of 2‑3 kitchen fixtures, including worktops and cabinets

$4400 – $6800

Comprehensive renovation of several kitchen fixtures, including worktops and cabinets

$6800 – $12800

PlumbingRenovation of a water fixture (sink, piping, taps, etc.)

$150 – $350

Renovation of 2‑3 water fixtures

$350 – $950

Extensive renovation of water fixtures, inclusive of pipe extension and concealment

$950 – $1850

Electrical worksInstalling power outlets and plug points: $350 – $750
Glass and AluminiumInstalling windows/window grilles, etc.; no aluminium work done

$600 – $2800

Renovation of 2-3 glass fixtures; minimal aluminium work included

$2800 – $5700

Renovation of 2-3 glass fixtures; primary aluminium work included

$5500 – $10900

PaintingStandard: $600 – $1500
Cleaning & Polishing$200 – $1100


Here is the standard renovation cost depending on the amount of work you need done:

Light: $800-$2,600
Moderate: $6,500-$12,000
Extensive: $12,000-$40,000

Of course, if you choose more expensive materials and need extra cleaning, prepare a larger budget.

How to Decrease Kitchen Renovation Cost

If the expenses above seem like too much to handle, follow the tips below:

– Choose budget materials for non-essential items, such as the backsplash.
– Use a no-fuss carpentry design instead of a custom theme.
– Pick stock cabinets instead of custom-built ones.
– Overlay new tiles over the old ones to avoid complete hacking.
– Instead of removing damaging parts, try repairing them – for example, lamination works wonders.
– Choose a package with bundle accessories instead of standalone branded items.

However, the best tip is to choose the right loan for your needs.

For example, a renovation loan has more attractive interest rates and, thus, lower instalments that you can repay over five years. The downside is that the money goes directly to your contractor, and you can’t purchase furniture or appliances.

A personal loan gives you more creative freedom because you can use this money for everything you want. However, the interest is likely higher.


– A renovation loan is better to lower your renovation cost for projects up to $30,000 (the maximum you qualify for)
– A personal loan is better for larger projects that require more creativity

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We can advise you on the best loan solution for your needs. Our customised loans are quick, low-interest, and affordable.

Best of all, we offer renovation loans larger than $30k, more than what the bank can offer you.

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