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Being a migrant worker or a foreign expat in Singapore, you might not have anyone to turn to for help when you need money.

Financial emergencies might occur and it’s not easy for a foreigner to get a loan from the banks. Bills need to be paid, you need a place to stay and you still need cash for daily expenses.

Not to worry, Credit Thirty3 offers easy approval foreigner loans for you. Receive your rates in seconds here!

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Advantages of a foreigner loan

Competent. Professional. Trustworthy.

Straightforward Application

We don’t take you through complicated and unnecessary loan application processes. All you have to do is fill a simple online form that takes only 5 minutes, tops.

Worry Not About Bad Credit Score

Do not shy away from letting us know of your financial situation. To us, your bad credit score does not prevent you from getting loans. Let us work out a suitable repayment plan together.

Lowest Interest Rates

The industry of personal loans is highly regulated to prevent borrowers from exploitation. So, you can always expect low interest loans with favorable terms and flexible payment terms from us.

Get Through Financial Emergencies

Ran into an unanticipated money needs halfway through the month? You are never alone with Credit Thirty3. Apply now and let us guide you through the process.


4 simple steps to get your money.


1. Apply

Submit your loan application online.

2. Advice

Understand the specifics of your loan.

3. Approval

Get your loan approved in minutes.

4. Agreement

Sign-off and receive money on the spot.


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Frequently asked questions

Notes to Borrowers When Obtaining Loans from Licensed Moneylender.

What is a foreigner loan singapore and how can I apply for one at Credit Thirty3?

It is a financial solution offered by Credit Thirty3 for non-residents working in the country. To apply for a foreigner loan with us, simply submit an online application and provide the necessary documentation. We ensure a smooth process so you can receive your loan promptly.

What should I consider before taking up a loan?

Before applying for a loan:

1. The type of loan you are borrowing

Before entering any loan contract, make sure you understand the type of loan you are applying for. There are two types of loans – secured and unsecured loans.

  • Unsecured loans have more lenient requirements and are easier to obtain. They do not require collateral.
  • Secured loans have stricter requirements. They require collateral.

2. Interest rates

Regardless of the licensed moneylender or bank that you choose to work with, ensure that you are getting the best interest rates as it will affect your financial health.

Ensure you secure the most favorable loan package with minimal monthly payback amounts.

Hidden fees to take note of:

  • Service fees
  • Underwriting fees
  • Origination fees

Legal and fair lenders such as Credit Thirty3 will always make known of all the charges. We strive to explain as clearly as possible to our customers and there will not be any unnecessary charges.

3. Loan tenures

A loan tenure refers to the amount of time you have to repay a loan. It exists for any type of loan and can range from 3 months to even 30 years.

The length of time you take to pay off your loan directly affects its total cost. Extending the payment period will result in a higher overall cost for your loan, while opting for a shorter payment duration will make it more economical.

It’s important to select a repayment period that aligns comfortably with your financial capacity.

If you have any doubts regarding your loan, feel free to contact our friendly professionals at Credit Thirty3. We are here to address your needs.

4. Your current financial situation

This is one of the most important points to consider.

Before getting a loan, take a look at your current financial responsibilities. For example, your electricity bills, mobile bills, car loans, credit card bills and more.

Knowing your current financial standing will help you make better financial situations, especially on the loan amount that you apply for.

5. Loan contract language

Rest assured if you are not well-versed in English.

Based on Singapore’s law, the licensed moneylender has to explain the loan contract in a language that the borrower understands.

If you need a contract in another language such as Mandarin/Tamil/Malay, feel free to let our loan advisors know.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask

You are encouraged to clarify any doubts that you might have before signing the loan contract. These may include the loan tenure, loan interest rates or processing fees.

7. Late fees

Understand that late fees will be incurred if borrowers do not make their payments on schedule.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow any amount for secured loans.

For unsecured loans, the loan amount depends on your annual income.

For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs):

  • An annual income < $20,000 allows them to borrow up to $3,000.
  • An annual income of $20,000 and above allows them to borrow 6x of their monthly income.

For Foreigners:

  • An annual income < $10,000 allows them to borrow $500.
  • An annual income of at least $10,000 but less than $20,000 allows them to borrow up to $3,000.
  • An annual income of $20,000 and above allows them to borrow 6x of their monthly income.
Which loan option is considered the best foreigner loan available at Credit Thirty3?

The best foreigner loan at Credit Thirty3 is one that offers competitive interest rates, flexible payment terms, and a straightforward approval process. We understand the unique financial needs of foreigners working in Singapore and strive to provide the most suitable loan options for them.

Are there specific loans for foreigners in Singapore offered by Credit Thirty3?

Yes, Credit Thirty3 does offers specific loans. These loans are designed to cater to the financial needs of non-residents who may not have access to traditional banking services. Our foreigner loans are tailored to help you manage your finances effectively while living in Singapore.

What should I consider regarding loan payments and loan tenor when taking a loan from Credit Thirty3?

When taking a loan from Credit Thirty3, it’s important to consider the loan tenor and your ability to make timely loan payments. We offer flexible payment plans to suit your financial situation, and our team will work with you to establish a schedule that aligns with your income and budget.

How do loans from Credit Thirty3 compare to other loans that may be available in Singapore?

Loans from Credit Thirty3 often provide more favorable terms compared to other loans available in Singapore. We focus on offering competitive interest rates, flexible payment options, and personalized service, ensuring our loans are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

How do loans from Credit Thirty3 compare to other loans that may be available in Singapore?

Loans from Credit Thirty3 compare favorably to others available in Singapore due to our competitive interest rates, flexible payment options, and commitment to customer service. We offer tailored financial solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of our clients, setting us apart from other lenders.

What are the benefits of choosing an affordable foreigner loan from Credit Thirty3?

Choosing an affordable foreigner loan from Credit Thirty3 offers numerous benefits, including competitive rates, flexible payment plans, and a hassle-free application process. We are dedicated to helping them manage their financial needs effectively and responsibly.

What documents do I need to prepare for a loan application?

To apply with Credit Thirty3, foreigners need to provide their employment pass of minimum 1-year validity, proof of income (3 months’ payslips), and proof of residence in Singapore (such as utility bills or rental agreements). These are the basic loan requirements for a foreigner looking to apply.

For Foreigners:

  • Work Permit / S Pass / E Pass
  • Utility bills / Phone bills / Home rental agreement (Proof of your residence)
  • Payslips

On the other hand, for Singaporeans / PRs:

  • NRIC / Passport (Proof of your identity)
  • CPF / Bank statements (Proof of your income)
What types of personal loans does Credit Thirty3 offer to foreigners?

As a licensed lender, Credit Thirty3 offers a variety of loans, including the best personal loans for foreigners and foreigner loans, specifically designed to meet the needs of those living and working in Singapore. Our loan plans are tailored to help foreigners and expats residing in Singapore.

What is the maximum loan amount a foreigner can borrow from a licensed money lender Singapore?

The maximum loan amount a foreigner can borrow from a licensed lender like Credit Thirty3 depends on their income and employment status. We assess each loan request individually to determine the suitable loan amount.

What are the eligibility criteria for a foreigner to obtain a personal loan in Singapore?

The eligibility criteria for obtaining a personal loan from Credit Thirty3 include having a valid employment pass, proof of income, and meeting our assessment for creditworthiness. A good credit score may enhance your loan eligibility.

I have a bad credit score. Can I still get a loan with you?

Yes, you can still apply a loan with Credit Thirty3.

Banks often turn away customers who have bad credit scores, making it difficult for them during financial emergencies.

Credit Thirty3 is here to provide an alternative to these borrowers.

We are able to evaluate each case individually and we will try our best to offer the most suitable loan package for the borrower. Licensed lenders like us tend to be more understanding and will offer a listening ear to our borrowers.

Rest assured that we do not have specific restrictions with regards to credit scores.

Effortlessly secure financing through our platform here.

How is the loan application process like?

There are simply 4 steps in our application.

Step 1: Apply online

Step 2: Wait for our loan officers to contact you

Step 3: Get your loan approval

Step 4: Sign the contract and get your money on the spot.

What happens next after my loan is approved? Do I get the money immediately?

Upon the approval of your application, we will be able to transfer you the money or pass you the agreed principal amount in cash immediately.

However, please take note that there will be a small administration fee which is administered by all licensed lenders.

Subsequently, the only thing to take note would be to make punctual repayments.

Are there specific loan products designed for foreigners living in Singapore?

Yes, at Credit Thirty3, we have loans designed for them, such as foreigner loans and personal loans, which cater to their specific financial needs and employment situations. These loans are the best to accommodate the requirement for foreigners staying in Singapore.

How do foreigner loans work at Credit Thirty3, and what is the process for foreigners in Singapore to apply for one, including the advantages of obtaining a fast cash loan?

  • They can easily apply for our foreigner loan by submitting an online application, providing the required documents such as a valid Singapore work pass, and meeting our loan eligibility criteria. We ensure the process is quick and straightforward.
  • They can benefit from a fast cash loan by getting quick financial assistance for emergencies or unexpected expenses, with a streamlined application process and rapid disbursement from licensed lenders like Credit Thirty3. This quick loan service is especially beneficial for those working and living in Singapore.
How does Credit Thirty3 ensure fair loan repayment terms for foreigners?

Credit Thirty3, as a conscientious licensed lender, guarantees equitable loan payback conditions by evaluating each borrower’s financial circumstances and customizing the loan terms to be affordable and compliant with regulatory standards. We provide adaptable payment options for our loans to simplify the process for our clients.

Why should foreigners choose Credit Thirty3 over other liscensed lenders?

Foreigners should choose Credit Thirty3 for their loan needs because of our competitive interest rates, transparent terms, and understanding of the unique financial needs of foreigners working and living here. We are recognized as the best lender in Singapore for foreigners.

What makes a foreigner loan in Singapore from Credit Thirty3 a suitable choice for expatriates?

It is an ideal choice for expatriates because it is specifically tailored to meet the financial challenges faced by foreigners living and working in Singapore. Understanding the unique circumstances of expatriates, such as not having local credit history, we offer flexible eligibility criteria and a straightforward application process, making it easier for them to access the financial support they need. Our foreigner loan can help bridge the gap where loans from banks may not be available.

How does a foreign loan work for someone employed in Singapore?

A foreign loan for someone employed in Singapore works by providing financial assistance based on their employment status and income. At Credit Thirty3, we assess your application considering your employment stability and ability to make loan payments, ensuring the loan agreement terms are fair and manageable.

How does Credit Thirty3 ensure that loans are accessible and possible for foreigners in Singapore?

Credit Thirty3 ensures that loans are accessible to foreigners by simplifying the application process and offering guidance on loan requirements. We understand the challenges faced by them and we aim to make it possible for them to secure a loan when needed.

What distinguishes Credit Thirty3 as the best money lender in Singapore for foreigners?

Credit Thirty3 stands out as the best money lender in Singapore for foreigners due to our commitment to providing affordable and flexible loan options. We are aware of the financial challenges faced by non-residents and offer tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

How does Credit Thirty3 help foreigners avoid loan sharks and secure a cheaper loan in Singapore?

Credit Thirty3 helps foreigners avoid loan sharks by offering legitimate, regulated financial services. We provide cheaper loan alternatives with transparent terms and conditions, ensuring our clients understand their financial commitments and avoid the pitfalls of unregulated lenders.

Is it possible for foreigners to settle their loan earlier with Credit Thirty3, and how does this affect their credit score?

Yes, it is possible for them to settle their loan earlier with Credit Thirty3. Doing so can positively impact their credit score and makes them eligible for better financial terms in the future. We encourage clients to discuss early payment options to understand how it may benefit their financial standing.

What are the advantages of choosing an affordable foreigner loan from Credit Thirty3?

Choosing from Credit Thirty3 offers several advantages, including competitive interest rates, flexible payment terms, and a straightforward application process. Our goal is to provide financial solutions that are both accessible and sustainable for foreigners residing in Singapore.

How should individuals consider their loan options with Credit Thirty3 in relation to their future financial plans?

When considering a loan with Credit Thirty3, individuals should evaluate how the loan fits into their future financial plans. We advise borrowers to consider the long-term impact of the loan, ensuring that the payment plan aligns with their future financial goals and capabilities.

Can you tell me more about Credit Thirty3 and its reputation as a money lender in Singapore?

Credit Thirty3 is renowned in Singapore for our commitment to providing ethical and responsible lending services. As a licensed money lender, we pride ourselves on offering transparent loan agreements, competitive rates, and a customer-centric approach, making us a trusted financial partner in Singapore.

In what ways does Credit Thirty3 ensure that loans also cater to the needs of the local Singaporean community?

Credit Thirty3 ensures that our loans also cater to the needs of the local Singaporean community by offering a variety of loan products, including personal loans, business loans, and more. We understand the diverse financial needs within Singapore and strive to provide solutions that benefit all residents.

What must foreigners in Singapore be aware of when considering loans from non-traditional lenders?

They must be aware of the risks associated with non-traditional lenders, such as loan sharks. It’s crucial to choose a licensed and reputable lender like Credit Thirty3 that offers transparent terms and conditions, ensuring a safe and fair borrowing experience.

What distinguishes Credit Thirty3 as a top choice for a foreigner loan?

Credit Thirty3 is distinguished as a top choice due to our comprehensive understanding of the unique financial challenges faced by expatriates and foreign workers. We offer tailored loan solutions with competitive terms, making us a go-to lender for foreigners in need of financial assistance.

Why should I apply for a loan with Credit Thirty3?

Credit Thirty3 exists for the sole purpose of providing you with the best loan products and the best loan terms. With us, you do not have to worry about your finances anymore.

As reviewed by our customers, we are competent, professional and trustworthy.

  • A high 4.8 star Google reviews by our valued customers
  • Straightforward applications that takes only 5 minutes, tops.
  • Low interest rates.
  • Worry not about bad credit score.
  • Fast loan approvals for your immediate needs.

Credit Thirty3 is one of the fastest licensed lenders in Singapore. With our streamlined application process, you can get your cash within hours.

How do I know whether a moneylender in Singapore is licensed or not?

The first step is to check the financial institution’s name against this list of licensed moneylenders by the Ministry of Law.

A licensed moneylender’s name will appear on the list.

Other signs of an illegal moneylender / loan scams:

  • Text messages / WhatsApp messages / calls to promote their loans.
  • Claim to be able to approve a loan remotely, without asking you to meet them at their place of business.
  • Ask for payment before approving your loan.
How long does it take for my loan to be disbursed?

5 minutes is all it takes to fill up our online application form. Our friendly loan officers will then get back within a few hours to follow with you.

Where is your shop’s address and what are your opening hours?

Our address:
(Simply a 4-min walk from Toa Payoh MRT)
Blk 190, Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Toa Payoh Mall, #01-548
Singapore 310190

Our opening hours:
11:00am to 8:00pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

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