Apply for GrabTaxi Driver Loan Singapore (2020 Update)

If you live in Singapore, you appreciate that life is pretty expensive. Indeed, the city has been rated the most expensive in the world for several years. While the income levels in the country are impressive, the cost of living keeps going up. For those with a 9 to 5 job, the salary might not be enough and for the self-employed things are even tougher.

This is where a side job comes in and there is no better idea than ride sharing. Grab is the leading ride sharing platforms allowing anyone with a car to make money on the side. While driving a taxi is a sure way to make it in a country where people are always on the move, sometimes you might need quick cash for an emergency. This is where a GrabTaxi Driver Loan will give you the boost you need.

Apply now and get your loan approved in less than an hour.

Singapore GrabTaxi Driver Loan by Credit Thirty3

Ease your Financial Woes with a Singapore GrabTaxi Driver Loan

To become a Grab driver, you need a car or you might have to lease one. Truth be told, the high cost of cars in the country can drain you financially if you opt to buy one. The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices keep going up meaning owning a car is getting more expensive. Worse still, you have to consider the 40 to 50% down payment set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

By the time you are on the road as a Grab driver, you will virtually be down to the last coin. In case of any financial emergency, you can’t go back to your bank because Singapore banks are wary of giving out personal loans. This is one reason many people are going to illegal lenders, but lucky for you, a GrabTaxi Driver loan is specifically designed for you.

How a GrabTaxi Driver Loan Makes Things Easier

This financial package is flexible and the rates are low. It is a personal loan that aims at filling any cash shortfall you might have in the course of your work. Whether you have been involved in an accident and you need to repair your car or you need money for a medical emergency, this loan will come in handy.

Our GrabTaxi Driver loan is the best thing for drivers whenever there is a cash shortfall. Have a chat with us today and get a free indicative answer of how we can help you.