Apply for Foreigner / Expat Loan Singapore (2020 Update)

Being a migrant worker or foreign expat, you've probably invested S$3,000 to S$15,000 in recruitment fees and other costs for your job in Singapore. Having used so much money, you likely have limited finances for daily expenses. Moreover, being in a foreign country, you don’t have friends or relatives to rely on. Besides, you may have no collateral to get banks loans.

Fortunately, you can get foreign expat loans from Credit Thirty3, one of the top licensed money lender in Singapore.

Apply now and get your loan approved in less than an hour.

Singapore Foreigner Loan by Credit Thirty3

If you're looking for a credible and quick loan from a licensed money lender in Singapore, look no further than Credit Thirty3. We have a team of dedicated financial experts who work around the clock to ensure that you receive a duly customized personal loan to fit your unique needs.

At Credit Thirty3, we pride ourselves in putting the needs and satisfaction of our customers before anything else. We are invariably on standby to see to it that you receive timely approval, accommodating payment plan and quick disbursements of loans.

The Characteristics of a Foreign Expat Loans

Foreign expat loans are designed for anyone who isn’t a citizen or permanent resident of the country. That includes the foreigners taking up 21 percent of jobs at the Employment Pass (EP) level.

Such a loan is necessary due to the special needs of foreigners having financial problems in a new country. They lack anyone from whom they can request financial help. They also have limited or no collateral.

Expect such a loan to have a higher interest rate compared to other loan options. This is due to the higher risk of lending to foreigners who only stay temporarily in the country. Besides, many complications may occur, such as termination of employment, forcing you to go back home.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of your credit and employment history in Singapore to qualify for better interest rates.

Unlike banks which have stringent requirements for all types of credit for foreigners, Credit Thirty3 provides fast approval. You don’t have to submit numerous documents or go through a rigorous credit check similar to banks. Instead, you get less of the hassle and a short application process.

Basically, a loan for the work permit holder in Singapore is an effective solution to get a loan as quickly as possible.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable about taking the loan.

Singapore Expat Loan by Credit Thirty3

What to Consider When Applying for Foreigner Loans?

When seeking foreigner expat loans, you must only consider reputable, licensed lenders, such as Credit Thirty3.

The next thing to evaluate is the interest rates and installment plans. Evaluate whether they suit your income and needs. At Credit Thirty3, our loans are customized to suit your exact needs.

Most of all, you should also consider your own unique personal characteristics, income and duration of stay. All these can determine whether you repay or not. You certainly don’t want unpaid debts in other countries, leading to more serious problems.

Before making your loan request, it’s best you have a clear purpose for the money. Otherwise, you might use the money on unnecessary items. For example if you’re an employee, such a loan can help pay your bills.

Several other financial needs may include medical services, house rental, visa issues or sending money back home.

How to Avoid Scammers

Just as you focus on getting a loan from a legitimate company, you should know how to avoid scammers.

Scammers can deploy sophisticated systems to look legit, using names of big credit companies to get your money. However, you can identify them by taking precaution.

Always verify whatever messages you get. An email from a generic email address is already a red flag. If the email message claims you qualified for a “promotional” low-interest foreigner loan, call the company’s public number.

Another suspicious sign is loan offers that are more than you need. That's an illegal loan.

Requirements to Apply for Foreigner / Expat Loans

Firstly, you should be above 21 years old to qualify for such a loan.

To apply for this loan, you’ll provide:

  • bank statements
  • employment information showing full time employment
  • other income documents, such as recent 3 months of your pay slip
  • a valid employment pass in Singapore such as S Pass, E Pass, Entrepreneur Pass or any miscellaneous valid work pass or permit
  • a valid passport
  • proof of billing (e.g. any bills with your residential address printed)


Once you submit all documents, Credit Thirty3 will review them for approval. If you’re eligible for the loan, you’ll signs a contract of your agreement.

Feel free to inquire about any details you need clarified.

Make Credit Thirty3 Your Best Option for Foreigner Loans

When you request for a loan from Credit Thirty3, you can expect:

1. Low interest rates to all foreigners and expats in Singapore

2. A loan customized by our expert representatives to meet your specific needs

3. Hassle-free, affordable repayment schemes through fixed monthly installments

4. Interest rebates for compete early repayments

As long as you have a valid Singapore employment pass or full time employment, you should be able to qualify for this loan.

We respect all our customers' personal discretion and believe this home loan for foreigners in Singapore is being taken out for emergency needs. Therefore, unlike banks, we will not question much what this particular loan is being used for.

Click here to apply for foreigner / expat loans today.