Apply for Education Loan Singapore (2020 Update)

The demand for higher education in Singapore keeps rising and this comes on a background of increasing cost of living. With the job market looking for more specialized skills in a globalized setting, it goes without saying that you need to enhance your skillset to scale the ladder.

The competition for top positions in every industry is even higher today than it was two decades ago, which means only those with better education credentials are better placed to keep rising.

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Singapore Education Loan by Credit Thirty3

With the high cost of education and an accompanying rise in the overall cost of living in Singapore, many people are at risk of losing out on new opportunities. Relying on savings to enhance your skillset might take forever while credit cards and personal loans are very expensive.

This is where educational loans come in handy. The financial industry is now awash with loan products targeting both first time college students and working professionals.

Why an Education Loan?

Whatever your educational needs in the country, it is now possible to join any program using an educational loan. Of course, there are many ways to finance your education yet this loan is more suited to fund your program. Here are some reasons to opt for a loan product specifically designed for students:

Cost Savings

These loans are more affordable than other financial products in the market. This makes it possible for more people to boost their skills. Compared to credit cards and personal loans in the market, you will find it less straining to service your loan.

Tailored Financing

Everyone has different financial needs when it comes to education. Some may just need assistance with tuition while others will need a financial package that caters for everything. The best thing about a Singapore educational loan is the fact that it is tailored to meet your specific needs.


There is a loan to cater for every type of education program. Right from diplomas, higher diploma, post graduate studies, MBA, to foreign studies among others, you just need to find the right financial partner to get the right financial package.


Most lenders in the country have financial products targeting students. Most lenders are online and with a few clicks, you will find hundreds of lenders offering diverse loans and terms.

It is important to take time and compare different education loans in the market. Always start by accessing all your financial needs in college in order to find a product that perfectly suits you. Talk to our loan expert and make sure you understand everything about the loan. Apply for a loan today or visit our office for a free consultation and a loan estimate.