Apply for an Affordable Business Loan Singapore (2020 Update)

You’ll certainly agree that your business is one of your most IMPORTANT investments. However, getting enough money to run a business in Singapore is EXTREMELY difficult. It can take years of saving to get enough capital, plus the continuous headache of strict budgeting just to save enough.

But it doesn’t have to be like this…

You can actually get an affordable business loan in Singapore to fund your business. Below, we’ll show you why you should apply for an affordable business loan in Singapore with Credit Thirty3, one of the best business loans providers in the country.

Apply now and get your loan approved in less than an hour.

Singapore Business Loan by Credit Thirty3

Challenges and Opportunities in Getting Business Loans in 2020

Starting and running a business is a delicate balancing act. You must attend to multiple tasks, including:

  • Registration for Work Injury Compensation Insurance
  • Dealing with at least 11 procedures for construction permits
  • Going through a complicated process of registering property
  • Making at least five tax payments per year


All these can drain your working capital, while you try to run a profitable business.

Fortunately, there’s good news. Singapore is ranked second in the world by the World Bank with 84.57 out of 100 Distance to Frontier (DTF). This shows a higher performance on indicators across all economies in the ease of doing business.

It gets even better.

Loans to businesses have maintained a robust 8.8% year-on-year growth. Such loans are crucial to sustaining and growing business operations.

Moreover, Credit Thirty3 is committed to further increase access to loans for many more businesses.

Singapore Business Loan by Credit Thirty3

Start or Expand Your Business with the Right Loan

At Credit Thirty3, your sources for business loans expands wider than your friends, co-workers and relatives.

We offer straightforward legal loan procedures with manageable requirements. Above all, each loan is designed to suit your specific industry.

A sample of these include:

Such a loan helps you cater for direct and indirect running costs. Use it for licenses, purchasing stock, and costs of operations.

You’ll get an operating line of credit and interest will be charged only on the money used.

This is an excellent facility, especially considering that three in five SMEs face delays in customers’ payment. The line of credit will help you keep your business running even when customers delay.

Even if you’re starting something as small as a general shop, you can get a loan from Credit Thirty3. In fact, small businesses may need such loans the most.

These loans are designed to suit your special needs. For instance, even your pay slips can serve as collateral.

Invest the loan wisely to purchase stock or acquire a license.

Agricultural ventures have a good potential of success as agricultural products have constant demand. This makes such ventures highly viable, and lenders are more willing to give you loans.

You can use the agricultural loan to purchase livestock and seedling, or pay for other operating expenses.

Considering the high capital amounts required for real estate investments, access to loans is vital.

Such loans may be used for construction, remodeling and even taking a mortgage.

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Flexible and Diverse Loans

Being a business ourselves, we understand the specific needs you have in your business. That’s why we crafted specific loans to suit all the special needs of your business.

You can get specific loans to cater for:

  • inventory acquisition
  • business expansion
  • creditor debt settlement
  • cash flow issues
  • disaster recovery efforts
  • asset acquisition, among others


Each loan is customized to your specific business. We examine your business financial statements and income tax reports (for the period showing the business existed for two years or more) to determine the loan amount.


Manageable Repayment Options

Repayment is customized to your realization of income.

We offer the most flexible repayment options. This includes variable installments to allow smaller payments during slow business seasons. That’s complemented by bigger payments in high revenue seasons.

That’s not all…

Our financial experts will advise you on how best to spread out your money to make the most out of it. Our highly trained financial experts boast of many years in the business and understand the market. They’ll help you translate complex information into monetary benefits for your business.

Feel free to ask our financial experts any questions about using your loan effectively.


Simple Application and Approval

Securing bank loans is extremely difficult for young businesses. Since banks don’t want to expose themselves to the risk, they set impossible requirements. Besides, you have to deal with long waiting periods, lasting weeks.

That’s not how Credit Thirty3 operates.

We are a licensed money lender dedicated to financing your business so it can succeed. We achieve that by providing financial help to multiple business types with flexible terms. Most of all our loans are designed to help you realize the full potential of your business.

Plus, we have a simple, streamlined online application process.

Once you get approval and sign the loan agreement at our office, you’ll receive your cash instantly. This way, you can dedicate your valuable time and energy to growing your business.

Wherever you are in Singapore, conveniently apply online for your loan.